Margarita Factory brings you the authentic flavors of Mexico.

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Margarita Factory brings you the addictive flavors of Mexico, a genuinely inspired drink menu, and margaritas that are unquestionably the best in town. We have created an environment that inspires conversation, new friends, and the flavors that will become your all-time favorites.

For the ultimate in handcrafted Mexican dishes, discover our street-style tacos, fajitas, enchiladas, burritos, vegetarian dishes, and everything in between. Our array of seafood dishes are handcrafted by our talented Mexican chefs who demand only the freshest quality ingredients. From spicy to mild, experience the honest flavors of Mexico, our fabulous drinks menu in an atmosphere of celebration, and contagious fun.

The magic begins at Margarita Factory.

For the best night out ever, we make sure your visit with us is extraordinary. We want to become your go-to when you’re craving Mexican cuisine and are ready to celebrate life. We have created a space where you will forget the stresses of everyday life, make new memories, and sip a refreshing beverage from our menu of creative drinks. 

Ingredients + love = the best Mexican food around.

What makes Mexican dishes so enticing? Long known as the gourmet capital of Central America, authentic Mexican flavors evolved over thousands of years to the perfection you taste today. Every region of Mexico has its specialties, and you deserve to try them all. At Margarita Factory, we take cooking seriously, and our dishes are created with the best ingredients with flavor built layer by layer until the ideal taste profile is achieved, with just the right amount of heat.

Goodbye worries, hello fun.

Take a hint from Mexico’s culture and carve out some time to relax, enjoy, and focus on what really matters: friends, family, and fun. Nothing is better for your health than enjoying the moment! Do you need time to catch up with friends and family? Are you a dedicated Mexican food addict? Do you simply love a good time? Whatever impulse brings you to our doors, you will be welcomed with warmth and served some of the best authentic Mexican food in the region — the real thing. 

It’s time to celebrate!

Our restaurants are festive, friendly, and full of joy. We thrive on ensuring that our customers experience the perfect night out, enjoying authentic Mexican flavors handcrafted by talented chefs to suit your taste.

Bring the family, bring your friends, and discover a restaurant where celebrating life happens every day!

The Castro family: A rich history

Jorge Castro, his sister Betty Cantu, and brother Edgar Castro came to love the restaurant business naturally. As an eight-year-old, Jorge was busy helping his parents run chips and salsa out to customers at their restaurant. 

Jorge and Betty, along with Edgar’s parents Jose and Maria Castro, began their career in Guadalajara, an international destination for Mexican cuisine. The base of every Margarita Factory recipe comes from Jose, who Jorge credits as being the greatest influence on his restaurants. Although his parents have formally stepped down from the business, Jose still comes in to cook several hours a day, and both parents are always ready to step up and pitch in when needed.

The Margarita Factory restaurants were built on a foundation of faith and family, as well as an enduring drive to overcome adversity. Edgar Castro, Jorge and Betty’s brother, battled cancer, and as soon as he felt well enough, he was back to work managing the Mill Plain Margarita Factory — this time with even more drive, determination, and passion. 

Join our family.

Jorge and Betty Castro, our brother-and-sister team, come from a long line of restaurateurs dating back to their grandparents in Jalisco, Mexico. Jorge and Betty now have eight restaurants strung up the West Coast, from Oregon to Washington. Their focus on ensuring an elevated level of customer service and superior quality keeps their customers coming back for more. The Castros are a close family. The entire family works in the business, and each member is dedicated to providing heartfelt, family-style hospitality.  

“Family is important,” says Jorge, “and there’s nothing better than having the opportunity to turn customers into family.”

Contagious fun, delicious food, and an inspired drink menu. Make it yours today.

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